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Employment, training and the attractiveness of the various trades are more than ever a focus of concern for the sector, particularly with the advent of the Industry of the Future, automation and specialization.

A Campus in an exhibition :

GLOBAL INDUSTRIE will demonstrate that the manufacturing sector is a key source of jobs. When we talk about the Industry of the Future, automation, and specialisation, the issues of jobs, training, and the attractiveness of manufacturing professions are more central than ever.

GLOBAL INDUSTRIE is strongly committed to helping students – from middle school to engineering schools – job seekers, people being retrained, teachers, parents, and recruiters. The Campus is a 1,500 m² space entirely dedicated to providing information, promoting careers in the manufacturing sector, evaluating available job opportunities, and showcasing the impact of the industry of the future.

The five building blocks of GLOBAL INDUSTRIe’s CAMPUS

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 1/ Info Point

An Info Point located at the entrance to this space will introduce the Campus and its events, and suggest a customised itinerary for each visitor based on their needs and interests


  2/ The Amphi : 

 The vast Amphi conference space will enable visitors to network with professionals   via a series of events and a thorough exploration of the relevant topics.

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3/ Jobs Area

There is also an area for dropping off CVs, job and internship offers, and training courses.


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4/ Demonstration Space

A Demonstration space will be entirely reserved for fun events and presentations of operational equipment. This space will primarily focus on the technologies of the industry of the future, including virtual reality, cobotics, and robotics.


espace orientation.png5/ Career and Guidance Space

    Several partners are joining forces to set up an Orientation space, which will include booths introducing careers and providing insight on issues like finding a job or training course, changing your career path, starting your own business...

      In parallel, activities linked to these themes will also be taking place in the various different halls:

      SMART INDUSTRIES and INDUSTRIE will host a major Generation SMART INDUSTRIES competition where young people will have meetings with manufacturers in order find out about their technologies before writing a paper on how to make a factory ‘more intelligent’.  

      In MIDeST, "Elles bougent" is an initiative designed to show school and college pupils what industrial and technological trades are really like.  

      Save the date : the future of the manufacturing sector – and your future – will be decided at GLOBAL INDUSTRIE from the 27th to the 30th of March!

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