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The know-how squares are a new feature of MIDEST that use demonstrations of spectacular parts, live presentations and discussion points to reflect the trade know-how on show at MIDEST.

Organized in conjunction with our partners (exhibitors, associations, federations, French and foreign joint ventures), the ‘know-how squares’ will be located at the heart of the trade villages and French and European pavilions. 6 are in Villages Electro Technologies, Surface Treatments, Plastics Processing, Forging/Foundry, Metal Shaping and Machining and Special Machinery, whilst two will be at the heart of regional and international pavilions.

A selection of the initiatives that you will find at the show:

  • Surface Treatments / Know-how Square: Attend a formulator demonstration of special treatments and discover presentations of treatments applied to high level sports equipment (event organized in partnership with the Syndicat des Traitements des matériaux, UITS (Materials Treatment Association)
  • Electro Technologies / Know-How square: A running electronic card manufacturing line with testing of machine adjustment will be controlled by young trainees. Workshops presenting the industry will be organized in partnership with SNESE (Syndicat Nationale des Entreprises de Sous-Traitance Electronique / National Association of Electronic Subcontracting Companies).
  • Machining and Special Machines / Know-how Square: There will be spectacular parts placed in real-world situations, a special machine shown in action and talks by experts in additive manufacturing (space created in partnership with AMICS E&PI)
  • Plastics Processing / Know-how Square: Discover the full length of the value added chain for the creation of a new product from its design to its entry into production. This demonstration will highlight the relationship established between the creator of a mass market product and a subcontractor who has been involved in all of the project’s phases since a meeting at Midest 2016 (event organized in partnership with DORIER PLAST, Midest exhibitor)
  • Regional Collaboration / Know-how Square: The focus will be on new subcontracting strategies such as clusters of subcontractors working together at the instigation of major customers or complementary subcontractors joining forces in order to be able to handle new projects (space created with contributions from several regional joint venture stands).


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