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Making their debut for the first time this year and located at the heart of villages and French and European pavilions, these Squares will enable you to discover the know-how of the various trades to be found at the show and to come up with solutions you might otherwise never have thought of… The support of MIDEST’s various partners, associations, federations, and French and foreign organizations will also make them places for discussions and lively presentations.

8 key know-how areas

In all, there are 8 know-how squares scattered throughout the show. 6 of them lie at the heart of sector villages—electrotechnologies, surface treatments, plastics processing, forging-foundry, shaping metals and machining and special machines—the other 2 are in the regional and international pavilions.

The village in microcosm

Occupying the heart of MIDEST’s key sectors, and the trade villages in particular, each square is a microcosm of its surroundings

  • The Plastics Processing Know-How Square (1F40): Organized in conjunction with PLASTIOUEST, it is focusing on Smart Plastics or Plastics 4.0 through a whole series of events. In particular, it will illustrate the added value chain involved in the creation of a new product, from design to manufacture, highlighting the relationship established between the originator of a mass distribution product and its subcontractor, DORIER PLAST. The latter has been involved in every phase of the project following on from a meeting at MIDEST 2016. This square will also host pitch sessions.
  • The Electrotechnologies Know-How Square (1J31): In partnership with the Syndicat National des Entreprise de Sous-traitance Electronique (national association of electronics subcontractors), the PASTEL diploma course from the ESPRIT Campus at Redon and leading electronic industry suppliers, it will feature a production line for electronic cards and machine adjustment testing operated by young trainees, a mini workshop presenting the industry, as well as a pitch space to promote discussions and relationship building…
  • The Materials Treatments Know-How Square (2N43): It features a demonstration of the work of formulators of such specific chemical treatments as silvering, gilding, anti-corrosion… Finished pieces of sporting equipment will highlight the contribution that surface treatments make to the search for performance through a trail that takes in both the techniques used and the results achieved on the finished products. This event is being organized in partnership with the materials treatment association, the UITS, and it also includes a pitch and discussion zone.
  • The Metals Shaping Know-How Square (1B140): Staged in conjunction with the FIMMEF, this vibrant space will feature an operating press, and typical products of these trades.
  • The Machining and Special Machines Know-How Square (1B90): Organized with the support of AMICS-E&PI, it presents a number of special machines showing off the know-how of this partner organization’s members, together with some of their finished products. Come and discover the original approach of a subcontractor that has used its technical expertise to develop an actual finished product: an adaptable mobile carriage that can handle heavy loads, and that could, for example, avoid the need to install an overhead crane. This space will also host a zone for talks by additive manufacturing experts.
  • The Forging and Foundry Know-How Square (1F100): In partnership with the CTIF, this square is shining the spotlight on spectacular forged and cast pieces, as well as hosting pitch sessions.  
  • The Regional Know-How Square (2V80): Staged in partnership with various different CCIs who are present at MIDEST, it emphasizes new subcontracting strategies such as clustered working instigated by major customers—complementary service providers joining forces to attack new markets.  CETIM will also be showing how, by working with the regions, they have jointly been able to speed up the technological transformation of SMEs.
  • The European Know-How Square (3C32): The result of a joint effort by agents and European exhibitors, this square reflects the alliance strategies currently being pursued by businesses all across the continent.


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