This new edition, scheduled from Tuesday 27 to Friday 30 March, will be held in conjunction with INDUSTRIE Paris (the exhibition for production technologies and equipment), Smart Industries (the exhibition dedicated to the Industry of the Future) and Tolexpo (the trade show for sheet metal working equipments and solutions) at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center.

This large gathering is now installed in 5 halls to give birth to a unique event of European dimension : GLOBAL INDUSTRIe
Through this strong initiative, the entire industrial ecosystem and the entire industrial value chain are valued.

The world’s largest industrial subcontracting network

MIDEST is the sole international show to specialize in industrial subcontracting.

Conceived both as a network and a catalyst for industry, it makes it possible to initiate, consolidate and develop opportunities of all kinds for collaboration between those involved in the design and production of made-to-measure parts or sub-assemblies.

The show plays a decisive role in establishing relationships between customers and subcontractors, offering them an event that is both human in scale and friendly in atmosphere where they can  :

  • evaluate and refine their panel of subcontractors,
  • identify the right partners,
  • forge the contacts that will be crucial to the success of their projects,
  • gather information and discuss key industry topics
  • discover and gain an understanding of trends in technology and innovations. 


MIDEST’s new position within the Global Industrie framework makes it a must for all professionals in search of specialist, technological know-how.   

reseausalonpicto.PNG A unique network

  • 127 partners (institutionals, press...) 
  • 1 360 exhibitors
  • 16 sectors of activity

internationalpicto.PNG An international show

  • 40% of international exhibitors
  • 14% of international customers
  • 50 active foreign partner organizations

A wealth of exhibits represent the best of global expertise, and side events or conference themes feature the hot topics in industrial subcontracting today.

Substantial resources have been put in place to:

  • Encourage discussions between customers and suppliers through a new series of business meetings (face-to-face meetings between customers and suppliers set up ahead of the show) and the Club MIDEST, a space for meetings between customers and partners.
  • Create a buzz with the Know-how Squares, which will help attendees gain a better understanding of today’s subcontracting: 8 easily recognizable zones shining the spotlight on trades and regions (French or international) with real life demonstrations of actual technology, presentations of spectacular parts and workshops focusing on a specific area of expertise.
  • Respond to the key questions facing subcontractors today with real-life case studies. Does a subcontractor need to design and produce its own products in order to expand its business? Do clusters of subcontractors gathered around a customer offer good opportunities? How can one join up with other, complementary subcontractors in order to be able to service larger customers?
  • Promote MIDEST to the right contacts (management, design offices, purchasing) with a call centre integrated into the show teams in order to qualify contacts and raise the awareness of potential visitors from three user sectors of industry.  
  • Organize travel from a number of major French cities (handling flights or trains, depending upon the point of departure, for VIP customers).



    Considerable synergy is being generated with the other shows that make up the first Global Industrie, and MIDEST will benefit from:

    • Visitors to TOLEXPO, SMART INDUSTRIES or INDUSTRIE who are also looking for new suppliers but who have not previously visited MIDEST itself.
    • Major companies exhibiting their vision for the industry of the future at SMART INDUSTRIES will have their technical, HR and purchasing teams on site, and these are the people who are keen to reach out to subcontractors.
    • A massive GLOBAL INDUSTRIE media schedule aimed at the trade and business press and a number of major TV and radio channels.

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