Helping you to manage your panel effectively:

Subcontractors and suppliers play a crucial role for any business, allowing it to maintain its financial profitability whilst meeting deadlines and guaranteeing the quality of its products. Participating in Midest is one way of strengthening your relationship with the subcontractors who are your partners and of forging new contacts.  

New: identify and recruit new partners by taking advantage of a new relationship building service that is tailored to your needs.


Sourcing made easy and active monitoring:

All the new developments in subcontracting (16 fields represented) and market trends (50 customer industries represented) will be previewed at Midest. It will be the year’s best opportunity for you to make first contact or to gather information that could turn out to be crucial for your upcoming developments.  

New: late evening until 8.00 p.m. on Thursday 29th March—a chance to experience a warm and festive side to the show!

Hunting in packs

Increasingly, conquering new markets in France or abroad requires the creation of company alliances, mutual aid and the pooling of experience. These are all processes that Midest fosters. Participating in Midest brings you the opportunity to engage in face-to-face discussions with your future partners. It allows you to prepare for your company’s future and to launch new projects.

New: the Midest exhibitor list allows you to select participants on the basis of their know-how, their downstream markets and where they operate.



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Through an online platform, available from your visitor portal, MIDEST organises business meetings with targeted exhibitors upstream according to your needs.

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exposantspicto.PNG You are an exhibitor ? 

Through an online partform, available from your visitor portal, MIDEST organise business meetings with targeted purchasers upstream according to your needs.

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