Birth of the big industrial gathering

MIDEST, INDUSTRIE Paris, Smart Industries and Tolexpo, the 4 leading industry shows, are coming together from 27th to 30th March at Paris Nord Villepinte to create a unique event of European significance : GLOBAL INDUSTRIe. 

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This groundbreaking initiative brings the entire industrial ecosystem together for the first time and promotes the whole of industry’s added value chain: research, design, innovation, production, services and training.

The breadth of solutions, technologies and know-how on show will make it a must for all the user industries: 

  • Transport (motor vehicles, aerospace, railways, ships)
  • Energy (electricity, oil & gas, renewables)
  • Food industry
  • Infrastructures (bridges, tunnels, water)
  • Consumer goods (household electrical, luxury goods, sports & leisure)
  • Chemicals (cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, plastics)
  • Other (defence, military, metals, steel…)

The challenge and the ambition for this mega event is to raise the profile of French industry, to promote its highlights the vast regional fabric of SMEs and mid market companies and to work with them to maximize their potential for growth and gains in competitiveness.

It is also about building a lasting relationship with new partners, strengthening your links with current partners and becoming an essential reference point for regional authorities, trade associations and national or European political decision makers.





•    50,000 visitors, including 25% from outside of France
•    More than 50 represented sectors
•    80% are decision-makers
•    2,700 exhibitors
•    100,000

picto1.PNG An ambitions strategy

  • An event that brings together all parts of the manufacturing value chain
  • A strong brand that will gradually take precedence over well-known individual brands
  • An initiative that builds on GL Events’ proven keys to success: UNIFY, FEDERATE, BUILD

animpicto.PNG An initiative that has broad support across the sector !

  • 79% of visitors are interested in visiting the new exhibition that combines MIDEST, SMART Industries, INDUSTRIE Paris and TOLEXPO
  • 96% of Smart Industries’ visitors say they plan to visit this new event in March 2018 
  • 91% of exhibitors think that this event will increase their business

Survey carried out by GOUDLINK in September 2017

Picto2.PNG Combining forces for the first time


  • Startups
  • Providers of products / solutions
  • Parts manufacturers 
  • Subcontractors
  • Purchasers 
  • Large companies


  • Research & Innovation
  • Design 
  • Production 
  • Services
  • Training


  • Transportation & Mobility
  • Energy 
  • Food processing
  • Infrastructure 
  • Consumer goods 
  • Chemistry, Cosmetology, Pharmacy
  • Engineering
  • Other (Defense/military, Metallurgy, Iron and steel, etc.)



•    CAPITALIZE on the event’s European reach
•    SHOWCASE French know-how and excellence 
•    INCLUDE as much feedback as possible in the conferences
•    ILLUSTRATE the industry of the future and innovation 
•    PROMOTE the manufacturing sector’s image in France – especially among young people
•    PROVIDE support and training in new jobs and skills

plan salon.png

In 2019, the event moves to Lyon, the top french manufacturing region!

convergencepicto.PNG 2016: The adventure begins with Convergence

October 2015 : Emmanuel MACRON – at the time, Minister of the Economy and Industry – wanted France to have a major European event focused on the Industry of the Future.

From the 6th to the 9th of December, 2016 : The merged MIDEST and SMART Industries exhibitions were inaugurated by then-President Hollande in Paris Nord Villepinte. 
This first stage in the merging of two B2B events was widely backed by all manufacturing stakeholders, educational partners, and public authorities.


  • From the 6th to the 9th of December 2016
  • 35 000 visitors
  • 1 700 exhibitors
  • 20 % of visitors came from outside of France
  • 2 700 people attended the conferences 
  • 100 journalists


  • Ten demonstrations of French manufacturing excellence,
  • A village of 30 startups to illustrate French innovation,
  • Conferences hosted by renowned speakers,
  • Inauguration by then-President François Hollande,
  • Ten schools taking part in Génération SMART Industries.
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