MIDEST The world's leading industrial subcontracting show | 4th to 7th November 2014 | Paris Nord Villepinte - France
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Detailed presentation
Main activity :

Present on the stand of : PAVILLON ROUMAIN


Address :


Postal Code : 061334 City : BUCHAREST Country : Romania
Tel : +40 31 425 12 02 Fax : +40 31 425 12 01
Web : www.umeb.ro
E-mail : office@umeb.ro

 Contacts :
General manager Mr Gheorghe CHITU
R&d manager Mrs Liliana PANDIA
Chief exports Miss Doina RAILEANU

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Production capacity

Medium runs
Short runs

Customer markets

Chemical and petrochemical industry, Electricity, Industrial maintenance, Naval, Automotive

Export countries or areas

   Germany,    Austria,    Belgium,    Bulgaria,    Cyprus,    Denmark,    Spain,    Estonia,    France,    Greece,    Hungary,    Italy,    Latvia,    Lithuania,    Luxembourg,    Norway,    Netherlands,    Poland,    Portugal,    Romania,    United Kingdom,    Slovakia,    Slovenia,    Sweden,    Switzerland,    Czech Republic,
   Algeria,    Egypt,    Libya,    Morocco,    Sudan,    Tunisia,
South America
   Argentina,    Brazil,    Colombia,    Venezuela,
   Saudi Arabia,    Azerbaijan,    China,    United Arab Emirates,    Indonesia,    Iran,    Iraq,    Jordan,    Kazakhstan,    Kuwait,    Malaysia,    Singapore,    Syria,    Turkey,
Eastern European Countries
   Biélorussie,    Croatia,    Russian Federation,    Ukraine,

Foreign production units


Detailed presentation

MAIN EXPORT PRODUCTS: Low voltage electric motors, especially flameproof motors
FIELD OF ACTIVITY: UMEBS.A. manufactures electric motors for general industrial use, for applications in potentially explosive environments, both for surface and mining industries, motors for cranes and hoisting applications, for metallurgy, for public transportation as well as electric power sources. UMEB also manufactures motors for particular applications, with customised constructional features or provides maintenance of electric motors.
All motors are adequate for operation in specific environments of the countries where they are used and carry “CE” marking.
The flameproof and non-sparking “nA” motors frame size 63-355 are ATEX certified according to EU Directive 94/9/EC and are suitable for operation in hazardous environments of Zones 1 and Zones 2 and / or Zones 21.
Flameproof (Exd&Exde) and non-sparking electric motors, frame size 63-355, 0.09-315 kW, IE1 and IE2 efficiency, with or without terminal box, self- or forced ventilated, standard or customised execution, able to operate in gas or dust explosive environments, including off-shore applications
Low voltage induction motors for industrial applications, frame size 63 - 355, 0.09-315 kW, IE1 and IE2 efficiency, standard or customised execution. Brake motors and wound rotor motors also available
DC motors for industrial applications, frame size 100-355, 0.9-250 kW, large speed range, 220-440 Vcc, self- or forced ventilated, IP23 or IP44
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