Who exhibits?

  • Who are MIDEST’s exhibitors?

    A unique network of subcontractors!

    Solution providers for processing materials, electronics, microtechniques, IT and industry services exhibit their expertise at MIDEST to manufacturers, component suppliers and assemblers who have come to find specific know-how that they can use in the projects they are pursuing.


  • Every industrial subcontracting trade

    Screw cutting - Machining - Special machines
    Finishing, thermal and surface treatments in metal processing
    Surface preparation and finishing - Surface treatments - Thermal treatments - Material, Products and Processes 
    Industrial fasteners
    Circlips - Clamps - Bolts - Nuts - Chains and metal accessories - Dowel pins - Adhesives, Sealants, Solvents - Feed and assembly machinery and equipment - Pins - Keys - Bars - Inserts - Connectors - Rivets - Solar fasteners - Exotic fasteners - Manufacture by heading process - Upsetting - Operating elements, clamping elements - Miscellaneous
    Forge - Foundry
    Semi-finished products in metal processing, Metals, Processing
    Semi-finished products - Ferrous metals - Non ferrous metals and alloys - Processing of semi-finished products
    Forming processes in sheet metal work - Fabrication
    Cutting, Drawing - Fine sheet metal work - Spinning - Spings - Soldering - Other processes
     - Fabrication
    Plastics - Rubber - Composites Processing
    Forming of thermoplastics - Forming of thermosets/Composites - Forming of rubbers - Second processing and finishing operations - Semi-finished and finishing products
    Glass, wood, technical textiles and other materials processing 
    Glass manufacture - Wood manufacture - Other materials 
    Electroni design - Electronic production - Testing and certification of circuits boards - Components
    Manufacturing of high precision parts housing up to 10 cm3
    Tooling - Moulds - Models - Prototypes
    Press tools - Moulds - Models
    Accessories and industrial equipment
    Idustry services
    Design aid - Organisation and productivity management - Quality, Standardisation - Services - Other services - Consultancies and expert's surveys - Organisms - Press
    Industrial Maintenance : Maintenance Expo 2016
    Maintenance - Maintenance products and equipment - Inspection and expert missions - CMMS and dedicated software publishers - Technical documentation
    Technical textiles
    Additive manufacturing - 3D printing


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