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  • GLOBAL INDUSTRIe: Showcasing manufacturing excellence and opportunities for tomorrow, today

    French industry is reorganizing itself at the time of the Industry of the Futur and its 4 leading industry shows are coming together to create a unique event of European significance!


  • Discover MIDEST, the show for industrial subcontracting know-how

    Discover the world’s largest industrial subcontracting network.


  • Do not wait any longer, exhibit your know-how on the reference show of the industrial subcontracting industry!

    Providers of solutions in metal processing, wood, electronics, plastics, industrial fasteners, services to the industry, MIDEST is YOUR show!


The great gathering of the French Industry

The 4 reference shows in the sector are coming together to bring together for the first time the entire industrial ecosystem.

MIDEST, the show for industrial subcontracting know-how

Visiting MIDEST means plugging into a unique network of subcontractors, who provide solutions for processing metals, plastics, electronics, microtechniques and industry services.


A unique programme

Every day at MIDEST Paris 2018 will feature special events, lectures, activities, evening meetings…









They talk about

« Midest is a great opportunity to meet several contractors in one place and save valuable time »

CEO in the Environment sector

« It is mainly the large attendance and the interesting representation of the different industrial trades that are of interest to the Midest »

Purchasing Manager in the special machines sector

" Dynamic show. Well representative of the industrial branch. Allows to meet many suppliers and subcontractors during a day or two. Easy access. Logistics (shuttles) is well oiled. "

Purchasing Manager IN THE Mechanical Engineering Sector

« I met only people passionate about their work, with great skills, from all walks of life. This allows us to see what is done around us, how and by whom it is done. The show is very well organized, by theme, regions, countries,... »

Research Laboratory Technician in the Energy / Nuclear Sector

« There are many suppliers from different sectors offering different services at very competitive prices and deadlines. »

CEO in the electronics sector

31 October 2017

Huawei aims to challenge Apple and Samsung on technology as well as price

LONDON/HONG KONG - China’s Huawei has unveiled a new line of smartphones that match or even improve on key features offered by Apple or Samsung while undercutting their rivals on price.
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31 October 2017

NASA creates first 3D-printed rocket part made of two metals

NASA has taken another step forward in 3D printed rocket engines by manufacturing and testing an igniter prototype using two distinct metal allows. Using an advanced laser printing method, engineers led by senior engineer Robin Osborne of ERC Inc produced the component in a way that could one day reduce the costs by a third and speed up the process by half.
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31 October 2017

How is the Industrial IoT transforming industry?

In this fifth article on the Industrial Internet of Things, Alan Griffiths of Cambashi discusses how IIoT is transforming industry.
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